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[13 luas de 28 dias] Convite: THE CONDOR EAGLE FESTIVAL 2012 - The Second Sacred Medicine Festival for World Peace. Jan. 14th till Feb. 5th, 2012 Alto Paraíso – Goiás – Brasil



Alto Paraíso – Goiás – Brasil

Jan. 14th till Feb. 5th, 2012

This is a work that honours the "Condor Eagle Prophesy"...
"To unite the ways of the sacred medicines of the North and South American people...
To work toward the alliance of all the traditions that use the sacraments of pacha mama,
the mother nature...
To bring understanding of how to unite as one family of light...
To continue praying and working under one flag...under the blessings of the Great Spirits..."

The Gathering of the Tribes will take place in the Temple Mãe D'água,
with the presence of different traditions of the sacred medicines from South and North America.
The many languages and belief systems expressed through the sacred medicines in this festival will deepen your knowledge
into the cultural diversity of spiritual rites.
Many types of live music will be played during this event, celebrating the divine.

During this festival we will also realise one more part of the project "Savannah Reforestation",
which we started last festival.
We take the opportunity to gather together to re-forest the Savannah and to plant trees in communities
that take care of this Patrimony.

"Our Festival is a prayer for world peace, for the union of the tribes, for
the evolution of consciousness, for the Savannah reforestation and
the realisation of the Condor Eagle Prophesy"


We will have the presence of:

Kuauhtli (Native American Church), Mao Tanka (Colombia),

Ixá and Bane (Kaxinauá – Amazon - Brazil), Shahuano (Napuruna Tribe, Peru)

Nando and Kathi (Colombia), Akindue (Kogi nation, Colombia),

Yatra and the band from the Temple Mãe D'água (Alto Paraiso - Brazil),

Santo Daime with Neves and Maurilio (Colonia 5000 - Acre - Brazil).




Grandmother and Natural Healer Founder of "Friends of the Forest" in Amsterdam, Holland.
Leading rituals around the world since 1993. Implemented the first drug addiction treatment program with ayahuasca in Europe.
Founder of "Centro de Concientização dos Amigos da Floresta" and Temple "Mãe D'agua" In Alto Paraiso.
Well known for her healing work and ayahuasca music. Produced several CDs.

Team from the Temple "Mãe D'agua"





Professional musicians, experienced healers and helpers working with Yatra for the last 17 years

Hernando Villa (Nando)


Colombian Shaman. Has worked with the Camsra, Kogis, Sionas, Kofanes and
Emberas indigenous groups, the ways of plant medicine, and ancient wisdom.
He offers his healing work in prayer circles, with tribal elders, and in youth leadership projects.
His prayers are focused around the temascal, pipe ceremonies, and medicinal purification.



Dancer/Healer from Germany/South Africa honors the Voice of the Grandmother and supports the Prayer of the Woman.
She prays with the elements, and their purifying powers, has spent time with elders from many tribes in Africa,
the Lakota, Navajo and Cherokee of North America and the Camsra and Kogi of Colombia.

Ixá and Bane


Ixá is the Pajé of the Kaxinauá tribe Leading rituals from the Amazonian tradition.
Bane is the disciple of the tribe's elders. He was chosen to continue their tradition into the new generation of the tribe.



Akindue is a Mamo elder from the Kogi Nation of northern Colombia. He carries ancient knowledge of South America.
Akindue leads ceremonies with prayers and songs for the healing of mother earth's waters.

Mao Tanka


Colombian Shaman. Leading ceremonies for many years. Disciple of the Putumayo's elders and Amazonian tradition.
Well known for his vast knowledge, offering rituals around the world.



Native Peruvian Shaman from the Napuruna Tribe, along the Del Napo river, North of Peru.
Descendent from four generations of Shamans from his tribe.
He has been mentioned in various books about ayahuasca.
His ceremony is in the dark with enchanting Icaros from himself and his tribe.
He will be bringing his shaman wife to do the ceremonies with him.

Neves - Santo Daime



Santo Daime is the most well known tradition of Ayahuasca in Brasil.
Founded by Mestre Irineu and by Padrinho Sebastiao. Neves is the daughter of Padrinho Sebastião,
and will present the Cura (healing) Ritual from her father.

Maurilio - Santo Daime


The main maker of ayahuasca from the Santo Daime in the Acre Amazons.
With his wife, Neves, they direct the Community "5000" in Rio Branco, founded by her father, Padrinho Sebastião.

Kuauhtli Mexica


A Sundancer and Mexica-Aztec dancer. Leading ceremonies for over 30 years, within the tradition of the
Native American Church with the "Sacred Water Drum" and "Half Moon Altar".

Ayahuasca Visionary Art from Peru


Pablo Amaringo, Anderson Debernardi and Felix P. Aguirre

Program for the Condor Eagle Festival 2012

All ceremonies will be held at the Temple Mãe D'Agua

Jan. 14th Saturday/19:00 - Orixás's Ceremony with Yatra + Temple Mãe D'Agua's team - Brazil
Jan. 15th Sunday/19:00 - Ceremony with the Shaman Mao Tanka - Colombia*

Jan. 16th Monday/19:00 - Conference at EcoNois about the project "Reforestation of the Savannah"
and the importance to reforest our planet.

Jan. 17th Tuesday/19:00 - Ceremony with Ixá and Bane - Kaxinauá Tribe - Amazon - Brazil
Jan. 18th Wednesday/19:00 - Ceremony with the Shamans Nando, Akindue (Kogi Mamo) and Kathi - Colombia *

Jan. 19th Thursday/10:00 - Project "Reforestation of the Savannah" - Planting trees day

Jan. 20th Friday/04:00 - Sunrise ceremony with Yatra + Temple Mãe D'Agua's team - Brazil
Jan. 20th friday/19:00 - Woman's circle (only women) with Kathi at Temple Mãe D'Agua (no medicine will be served - small donation asked)
Jan. 21st Saturday/19:00 - Condor Eagle Ceremony - The Reunion of the Tribes - All Countries
Jan. 22nd Sunday/19:00 - Native American Church Ceremony with Kuauhtli Mexica - USA *

Jan. 23th Monday/19:00 - Conference at EcoNois - "The Condor Eagle Prophecy" (with all the shamans)

Jan. 24th Tuesday/19:00 - Ceremony with Shaman Shahuano - Napuruna Tribe - Peru
Jan. 25th Wednesday/19:00 - Ceremony with the Shaman Mao Tanka - Colombia *

Jan. 26th Thursday/10:00 - Project "Reforestation of the Savannah" - Planting trees day

Jan. 27th Friday/19:00 - Ceremony with Ixá and Bane - Kaxinauá Tribe - Amazon - Brazil
Jan. 28th Saturday/19:00 - Santo Daime Ceremony with Neves and Maurilio - Colonia 5000 - Brazil
Jan. 29th Sunday/19:00 - Ceremony with the Shamans Nando, Akindue (Kogi Mamo) and Kathi - Colombia *

Jan. 30th Monday/19:00 - Conference at EcoNois - legitimacy of the use of ayahuasca in the World

Jan. 31st Tuesday/19:00 - Ceremony with Shaman Shahuano - Napuruna Tribe - Peru
Feb. 1st Wednesday/10:00 - Native American Church Ceremony with Kuauhtli Mexica - USA *

Feb. 2nd Thursday/10:00 - Project "Reforestation of the Savannah" - Planting trees day

Feb. 3rd Friday/19:00 - Celebration Ceremony with Yatra + Temple Mãe D'Agua's team - Brazil
Feb. 4th Saturday/19:00 - Santo Daime Ceremony with Neves and Maurilio - Colonia 5000 - Brazil
Feb. 5th Sunday/19:00 - Condor Eagle Ceremony - The Reunion of the Tribes - All Countries

Ceremonies marked with Asterix * go till the morning


As an offering to bring all the shamans together for the Condor Eagle Festival 2012, 
as well as to finance and realise the project "Reforestation of the Savannah" that will happen during the festival,
we ask that each participant contribute with R$ 120,00 (brazilian currency) per each ceremony that you will attend.

Feel free to donate even more to the reforestation project if you can afford, because as more we receive, as more trees can be planted.

You are also invited to be part in the reforestation project, helping us to plant the trees on the designated days.
Your participation in the reforestation is free.

There will be a woman's circle with Kathi without medicine in the evening of jan 20th.
For the woman circle, we kindly ask for a small donation.

We also accept payment in euros and US dollars according to the rate of the day established by the organization.

Space is limited

Participation in the ceremonies and planting, only by previous booking online.
Don't take to long to book as space is limited.
There is no need to book for the conference at EcoNois. Your participation at the Conference is free.

Your booking will be held till 24 hours prior to the first ceremony to be attended by you.
If you don't show up at EcoNois for the checkin, to sign the term of responsibility and pickup your tickets
the day before your first ceremony, your entire booking will be canceled,
and your place will be given to people on the waiting list.
Please inform us if you want to cancel your registration in advance as many people
are coming and places are limited.
if you can arrive only on the day of your first ceremony, please let us know in advance to avoid cancelation.

For bookings please go to the page

Festival 2012 Registration

The Temple "Mãe D'agua"








Only 1.8 KM up the hill from the Village Alto Paraiso.
There will be transport available from the village to the temple and back on the days of the rituals.

What to bring:

Rain coat, Flash light, Sleeping bag to sit on (The temple will provide only a straw mat on the floor).

Please take your shoes off, before entering the temple.

Dress in warm WHITE CLOTHES (It can get cold)

EcoNois is our Meeting Place in Alto Paraiso



Rua Ari Ribeiro Valadão, the main road of Alto Paraiso next to Banco do Brasil.

The check in, contributions, donations, sign of the term of responsibility, last minute registration,
waiting list and tickets can only be done at EcoNois.

You cannot get tickets or give your contributions and donations at the door of the temple.

You will be allowed in the temple only upon presentation of your ticket.

Meet us at EcoNois for sharings, hanging out, visionary Ayahuasca art, indigenous art, etc...


Alto Paraiso





In the main road of Alto Paraiso, has one of the best kitchen in town.
They also serve meet, and will be giving 10% discount for the participants of the Festival upon presentation of the tickets.
They will donate lunch to many of the shamans from the Festival.
"jato" and "Jambalaia" are also very good restaurants that serve meet.
"EcoNois" and "Oca" Lila are the best vegetarian restaurants in town.
They are all very easy to find.

Acommodation and Transport from Brasilia to Alto Paraiso

We do not arrange accommodation for the Festival.
There will be a board at EcoNois with the contact of guesthouses and people who rents rooms at their houses.

Travessia has a list of guesthouses and hotels in Alto Paraiso, and can help you with your accommodation according to your budget.
They can also arrange transport if you want to come from Brasilia to Alto Paraiso by car.
They can pick you up at the airport and bring you straight to Alto Paraiso to the guest house of your choice.
Please contact them at:

You can come to Alto Paraiso by bus leaving from Brasilia.
There are two bus stations in Brasilia.
You need to get a taxi from the airport to the bus station, as there are no buses doing this service.

Here is the time for the buses leaving from Brasilia, passing by Alto Paraiso:

Nova Rodoviaria (next to Park Shopping)

Company Real Expresso – leaves at 10:00 AM and 21:00 PM

Rodoviaria do Plano Piloto (next to Conjunto Nacional)

Company Santo Antonio – leaves at 07:00AM, 11:45 AM and 15:00 PM

Those buses only stop in Alto Paraiso on their way to their final destination,

so don't miss the stop, or you will end somewhere else.

For other informations or communication concerning the Festival contact:

Looking forward to see you!

Photos by Amir Kaidar and Arie Laman

© 2011 Ayahuascadreams

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